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In 1982 I had just finished a small photography class in high school. I found myself faced with two choices. I could either: A) Become a professional photographer, or B) Join the Marines. I chose A! With my career path decided, I went on to receive a degree in portrait photography from the Ohio Institute of Photography. I have loved the profession and my work ever since.

Throughout my career, I have been involved with many professional organizations. These include the Professional Photographers of Ohio and the Professional Photographers of America. I am also a Certified Professional Photographer in the State of Ohio. During my career, I have had the honor of assisting some of the top names in photography across the country. I continue to stay current with the changing trends in the field by attending photography classes.

I understand that every individual is different. Therefore, I put my own “quirky” behavior into every photo I take. Whether it is serious or “whacked out”, I create the mood and expression to fit a situation that is as unique and special as you.

I am passionate about photography and believe that it is one of the greatest and most creative art forms in existence.

Simply put... Capturing Uniquely You!